History of Genuine Aircraft Hardware Co.

Having been in business officially since March of 1984, I, Tom Brink, the President and Founder was previously employed as the “Director of Maintenance” for an Airframe and Powerplant Repair Station in Lompoc California. My employment there was from 1977 to 1988.

In a maintenance facility there are many challenges; Schedules, regulations, personnel, and the customers’ requirements. There is always a need for replacement parts of all kinds for the aircraft being repaired. Not having what you need when you need it, or as close as possible is a big schedule disruption. This under-supplied condition has a tremendous negative effect on all aspects of the business.

Using the suppliers of those times, I found that it was frequently easier to obtain the larger and more expensive products while the smaller loose stock items were not often stocked at the practical levels they should have been. With my boss’s consent I started Genuine Aircraft Hardware as a part time venture that was noncompeting with my employer at the time, Lompoc Aviation. This new business activity became very beneficial for both Lompoc Aviation and Genuine Aircraft Hardware. With more hardware available to the repair station and at least enough business to pay my rent with every month we were able to stay afloat and even grow.

In the fledgling aircraft hardware business my tasks were planning, development and construction, while my wife was the store clerk, purchasing and packaging. After a few years and two children, we were growing enough to venture out and try having Genuine Aircraft Hardware Co. support itself and our little family at our new location about 100 miles north of Lompoc in the small community of Paso Robles California. With many struggles and much patience the venture survived and maintained moderate growth each year. There were special occasions when I had to take side jobs to pay for things like child #3, (no health insurance then), but with patient progress, diligence and marketing, things were progressing at ever increasing rates.

Ten years later after teaching thousands of people how to measure and identify fasteners while on the phone, we produced our first Aircraft Hardware Reference Book. This has been a very helpful tool for both us and our customers. This book has been updated at least 6 times and has published and distributed in excess of 60,000 copies, as of 2009. This has been saving thousands of countless hours on the phone and fax.

The Reference Book is also on AskBob.aero as a downloadable document and is exahustively indexed. The Reference book is now also on the our website by specific pages indicated by the "little wrenches on the left" that are labled "Tech Info" at http//www.gen-aircraft-hardware.com

 We have progressed over the years to be bigger and better. We started out in 200 sq ft., then, 600, 1,200 3,500, and now we are in 9,000 sq ft, plus our warehouse in central Georgia. September of 2002 we opened a new facility in Georgia, specifically to better serve our Eastern States customers. In 2005 we expanded our inventory and re-located into a larger newly constructed facility. In late April of 2008 we went to considerable expense to upgrade all our business systems to better serve you the customer as we continue to grow. We will continually seek to improve our systems and service.

We have always received good responses, and hope this has worked out for you personally as well. All of us at Genuine Aircraft Hardware Co. would like to thank all our customers for doing business with us and for giving us the feedback on how to better serve them.

We are here to help you with your Aircraft Hardware Requirements, whether it is just answering your questions or shipping you hardware.

We are working hard to do our part.

Please Contact let us know how we can help you with information or supplying you with fasteners or related products.

If you woul like to Download our Reference Book go here in AskBob

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