Hardware / Fasteners and related issues

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Hello, my name is Tom Brink, I am the founder and president of Genuine Aircraft Hardware.

I am also an A&P and used to be an IA. I was tired of having to look so hard for Hardware, so started this business in 1984, it has grown ever since.

I will be available to help with Hardware and Fastener related issues on "Ask Bob".

I will be doing this along with my normal tasks at my business, so if you are in a hurry send me an e-mail. I will do what I can to help you. If it becomes a very difficult or lengthy process I will let you know that I may request a fee for those services, you would always be made aware of this and would agree to that before you would be asked to commit to any charges. It is actually rare that this becomes necessary as most issues are resolved in a very short time once I get to it.

Attached below is a downloadable version of our copyright Aircraft Hardware Reference Book, that will probably help you answer most Hardware and Fastener related question for yourself.

Get ‘em in the Sky,

Tom Brink, Pres.

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