UPN - The Aviation Group, Inc. (TAG)

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UPN - The Aviation Group, Inc. (TAG)

UPN - The Aviation Group, Inc. (TAG)
Notice Number: NOTC1240

Information received during a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) suspected unapproved parts investigation revealed The Aviation Group, Inc., (TAG), located at 211 Prospect Park, Peachtree City, Georgia 30269, improperly maintained or overhauled and approved for return to service DC motors manufactured by General Design, Inc., and main landing gear actuator assemblies manufactured by Beechcraft.

For a complete copy of this Notice, please follow this link:

This notice originated from the FAA Atlanta FSDO-11, 1701 Columbia Ave., Suite 2-110, College Park, Georgia 30337-2748, telephone (404) 305-7200, fax (404) 305-7215.

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