Here is an Update on the PAMA (PRI) Certification Program

Dear Aerospace Industry Colleagues,

I would like to update you that the PAMA/SAE Aviation Maintenance Certification program is going through a transition. Due to economic conditions, SAE International has made certain adjustments in its products offered and the PAMA certification program is one of them. It has been decided that our program is a better fit in the SAE affiliate PRI (Performance Review Institute), which provides accreditation of aerospace suppliers, training, and personnel certification. PRI is very much focused on the global aerospace audience and, as we have been saying from the beginning, aircraft don’t change maintenance requirements simply because they are in a different country. Standardization and validation of skills are at the heart of global airworthiness and safety. 

Within PRI, I have been contracted to continue as program director and to begin integrating the PAMA certification program into PRI. Therefore, I assure you that at this time our certification program is very much alive and in due course you will be notified more specifically of our plans. I want to emphasize that the currently issued Aviation Maintenance Engineer and Aviation Maintenance Specialist certifications are valid and industry accepted. Our goal is to continue growing the program and adding value to this, our flagship credential.

Our current AME/AMS aviation maintenance fundamentals certification and our Master Rotorcraft Technician certification programs are seen as natural and immediate growth opportunities. They, in concert with Composites and other stakeholder-identified priorities, will be pursued first. Shortly we will be convening a meeting of international manufacturers, operators, service and training providers, government entities, and individual maintenance professionals to develop a high-level executive management steering committee.

To our Honored Colleagues that have already achieved Aviation Maintenance Engineer or Aviation Maintenance Specialist certification status, our valued Subject Matter Experts, and our visionary corporate supporters, I want to thank you for your foresight and faith in our ability to advance aviation maintenance competency to the necessary next level of excellence. I believe our program is now well positioned to achieve the global scale necessary for this or any productive aerospace initiative to succeed.

Should you have further questions, please contact me at [email protected].

Stay Strong!

Brian F. Finnegan

Director, PAMA (PRI) Professional Certification


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It's been just over a month since your last update. Any news to share?

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