Lycoming, "I" engines, 2002-26-01

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Lycoming, "I" engines, 2002-26-01

AD Applicability Statement:
“This airworthiness directive (AD) is applicable to Textron Lycoming fuel injected reciprocating engines incorporating externally mounted fuel injection lines as listed in the following Table 1:”

The AD also contains the following note:

This AD is applicable to engines with an "I" in the prefix of the model designation that have externally mounted fuel injection lines. This AD is not applicable to engines having internally mounted fuel injection lines, which are not accessible.”

We urge a careful review of AD 2002-26-01 during your AD research for engines, like IO-540-C1C5 and IO-540-W1A5, that are not listed in Table 1 but that may be covered according to Note 1.

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