Dassault 900, 900EX 99-14-07

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Dassault 900, 900EX 99-14-07

AD 99-14-07 is a repetitive AD with applicable to all Dassault Model Falcon 2000 series airplanes, and certain Dassault Model Falcon 900EX and Falcon 900 series airplanes.
This AD is superseded by AD 2002-13-19 which is only applicable to Falcon 2000 series airplanes. Because 2002-13-19 is not applicable to the 900 it does not show on the AD list for the 900. (You can get to 2002-13-19 through the hyperlink inside 99-14-07)
So where did the repetitive requirements for the 900 established by 99-14-07 go? At the same time the FAA superseded 99-14-07 by 2002-13-19 they issued a new AD for the 900; 2002-13-20. According to the preamble of 2002-13-20 ” That action proposed to continue to require the following actions, which are currently required by AD 99-14-07”

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