Change Happens: Resistance is Futile

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Change Happens: Resistance is Futile

I found the following to be a great article on change by William Maly for Aviation Maintenance Magazine.

In aviation, one thing is for sure — things change. New technologies, equipment and even shift changes can cause consternation. The best employees are flexible and adapt, but it’s not always so easy. As Franklin Roosevelt said, "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself."

Politicians and corporate officers have used the powerful word "change" in recent months to convince voters and lenders to support their causes. The word demands action from those involved and certainly comes with a fair share of risk with everyone concerned.

For years, aviation technicians have encountered their own challenges with change in technology advancement, procedural requirements, administrative laws and a host of other practices. While mechanics normally possess excellent troubleshooting skills and are very resourceful with an excellent mechanical aptitude, some lack the skill of coping with change. Whether it is a new tool to help ease a difficult job or a manager asking for a shift in their schedule time, some technicians develop a resistance and have no desire to try the change.

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