Through All Generations

After my Mother’s recent death, I inherited her father’s pocket watch. That would be my Grandfather and I have vague childhood memories of seeing him taking it from his vest pocket and using it. No one knows how long it has been in the family, but I speculate it is old enough to have been used by my great-grandfather. The watch has become a part of my life. I wind it each morning as I start my day. Yet it does more than track hours and minutes. It provides a sense of continuity and comfort for having kept time through the generations.

At the beginning of each new day when I wind that pocket watch, I have a sense of time that goes back years before me. In that passing time, I think of the generations that came before me, of my deceased family, my own childhood and now retired, my years in aviation.

I’m the generation of the beginning of the jet age, through the digital cockpit and ended with the introduction of Safety Management Systems and the Just Culture Community. I now wonder where did all those years go and did I really appreciate the time given in this, my generation?

This timepiece is still recording the passing minutes, providing a sense of continuity and comfort. It’s been a mirror to the past but also a reminder of our daily responsibility to stay focused on being the best version of ourselves for this and future generations.

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Be Safe in the Region of Risk

Roger Hughes

Decoding Human Factors, LLC

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