Charles E. Taylor bronze bust fundraiser

Greetings everyone!


The previous GoFundMe account that the AMTA opened to raise $6000.00 to purchase a bronze bust of Charles E. Taylor has been closed. Unfortunately we were only able to raise $1,425.00. Although this was a great effort on the part of the generous donors more was needed. I have opened a new GoFundMe account with the goal of raising $4500.00. Hopefully we can raise the money needed for this bust on the second try. 


To start this new campaign off I would like to thank Mr. John O'Rourke from Cincinnati, OH for his generous donation of $100.00. This donation will not show up on the new GoFundMe account because Mr. O'Rourke sent the AMTA a check. This amount will be included in future updates towards the new goal showing his support. If you prefer to send in a check that is welcome. Simply contact me for our mailing address. Remember, no donation is too small or big. The link is


I hope everyone had a Happy AMT Day! And as always, I thank you for your support in the AMTA!




Ken MacTiernan Director AMTA


Goal: $4500.00 Raised: $100


Mr. John O'Rourke: $100

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