Form 8130 and Liability Question

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Form 8130 and Liability Question


Hello, I hope I'm asking this in the right area. After returning from a conference, the boss of our 145 repair station was asked by several parts broker/engine lease type companies this question: 


The broker/lease company would buy an engine that is close to its end of life but with some components like the LPT, Fan Disk and such still having some time left on them, then they would want us to remove the module, inspect the module per the Maint. manuals "continued time inspection" section and if it passes give the module an "Inspected" 8130 (of course only the inspection preformed would be referenced in block 12), give it back to the owner and in turn the owner sells it as a "serviceable" module with an “Inspected” 8130 on it.


I’ve been doing this type of work for over 30 years I don’t ever remember installing any items onto an engine that’s going on an aircraft with just an 8130 marked "Inspected" only on it. To me the whole thing sounds fishy but I can’t find anything in the regs that says you can’t. If any of you have any advice please post it.


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