I can't wait!

I'm sitting at my desk listening to the Doobie Brothers, reminiscing about the 70s and thinking of Oshkosh. This year's AirVenture (I prefer referring to it as Oshkosh still) will kickoff with a concert by the Doobies.  I can't wait!

My last visit was Oshkosh '04, so I'm long overdue for a fix.  I'm like a kid at Toys-r-Us when I'm at the big show.  Forums, seminars, people, camping, food, flying, shopping, talking, planes and more planes and there's not enough time to take it all in.

As soon as the schedules are posted on the internet I'll be printing and highlighting the forums and seminars that I can't miss.  I'll have a to-do list, to-see list and to-buy list and probably not complete them all.  I'll take hundreds of pictures and check out all the exciting things in store for this year...A380, Elvis, Terrafugia, Warbirds in Review, the Pietenpol 80th and the list goes on. 

Like I said, not enough time to take it all in  I can't wait!. 

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This is a great tip. With so much going on it is good to make a list of the items you don't want to miss.