14 CFR part 65 sec.65.77 (counting experience)

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14 CFR part 65 sec.65.77 (counting experience)

I have about 4 years of practical experience in GA.

about 3  years at 2 different FBO's and about 1 year

working on my own and supervised by an A+P and an IA/a+P.

I have some of my time logged in signed logbooks and some of my pay check stubs from the FBO's.

If you look at the FAA.gov web page it says you can use pay stubs for demonstrating the 18/36 months of training.  I believe it also mentions using logbooks.    So I go see my local FSDO office and take all my peaperwork with me.  I spend about an hour with the guy.  He is nice enough---  but he basicly tells me he wont help me untill i can show

experience in each and every one of the 28 knowledge areas.   However the page on FAA.GOV never mentions the seperate knowledge areas--- only total months of experience.   All I want to do is to qualify to thake the written test.  It seems like he wants me to proove that I can pass the test before I can qualify to take it......


Who is correct ?  FAA.GOV - OR- what this local guy is telling me-----

(all of my supervisors are either aclaholics and mia or disappeared (civil suit) with no trace or dead. )

Can someone tell me who is right ?  

Thanks---  Tim B.


PS----  here -- i will paste the text from the FAA's page on what qualifies as experience ---


  1. You can work an FAA Repair Station or FBO under the supervision of a certified mechanic for 18 months for each certificate, or 30 months for both. You must document your experience with pay receipts, a log book signed by your supervising mechanic, a notarized statement from your employer, or other proof you worked the required time.

What are those last 3 words------  "the required time"    

So how can a local beauracrat just start adding more hurdles and requirements that are not founded in the regs ?




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