Oklahoma CareerTech adds 15 Honored Colleagues

 Many of the aviation maintenance instructors within the Oklahoma CareerTech education system took a one-day overview of the SAE International Aviation Maintenance Fundamentals course this past weekend and then sat for the PAMA/SAE Institute Aviation Maintenance Engineeer certification exam.

The result of this giant step forward for the Oklahioma Aerospace industry is 15 new AME "Honored Colleagues" in our rapidly growing population of PAMA/SAE Institute certified aviation maintenance professionals. Employing a top-down philosophy of familiarizing their technical leadership with our porgram, Oklahoma has expressed an interest in offering knowledge and skill credentials to their students across a broad spectrum of topics and specializations.

We welcome Oklahoma into our program and thank them for the leadership they have shown in advancing the future of aviation maintenance professionalism.

Stay Strong!

Brian Finnegan 

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