Work and Replenish, Replenish and Work

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Work and Replenish, Replenish and Work

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life!” An expression of the pleasure that people garner from their labor, this popular phrase implies that when we engage in meaningful tasks and careers we love, effort is easy; work is no longer “work.” All of us probably aspire to such satisfying work, but the presumption that meaningful work is easy can have undesirable consequences too. This expression bolsters the troubling logic that we don’t need to break from our responsibilities if we are truly called to do them. It feeds the guilt we experience when we’ve reached our limits.

When we’ve reached our limits of being the best version of ourselves we should break to replenish our depleted energies and not cast the thought of being selfish. You know best what steps are required for restoration. Did you invest in the gift of discovering the quiet renewal of your vocation this summer? As you reflect back on 2018 you will be pleased you did. Keep making those deposits in your emotional and physical bank accounts. It’s a human factors imperative!

I’m taking some time off myself. Adhering to my own advice. Thus Aviation Human Factors Industry News will be absent until mid October 2018. I know I’ll be back with renewed rejuvenation for spreading the Human Factors Gospel!

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