No task is too small . . . or too big!

Hello All,

Going to the local supermarket isn’t something I particularly enjoy. It’s just a mundane part of life—something that has to be done.

But there is one part of this task I’ve unexpectedly come to look forward to: checking out in Logan’s lane. Logan, you see, turns checkout into show time. He’s amazingly fast, always has a big smile, and even dances (and sometimes sings!) as he acrobatically flips (unbreakable) purchases into a plastic bag. Logan clearly enjoys a job that could be seen as one of the most tedious around. And for just a moment, his cheerful spirit brightens the lives of people in his checkout lane.

The way Logan does his job has won my respect and admiration. His cheerful attitude, desire to serve, and attention to detail, all line up well with individuals who work on being the best version of themselves.

When we’re in relationship with this attitude any job we have to do gives us an opportunity to reflect on the values and work ethic in our lives. No task is too small . . . or too big! Tackling our responsibilities—whatever they may be—with joy, creativity, and excellence gives us an opportunity to influence those around us, no matter our job, no matter where we are.

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Roger Hughes

Decoding Human Factors, LLC

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