Rogue Behavior

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Rogue Behavior

Page 18 of this weeks issue of Aviation Human Factors Industry News, the United States Navy is citing pilot error for a military training jet crash in Tennessee last October that killed the two aboard, saying it was being flown for thrills and too low.

The report cited a "culture" within the individual training unit and Naval air training at large that allowed pilots to fly "beyond the bounds" of approved Naval Air Training Command curriculum. It also said leadership failed to ensure training operations adhered to approved publications.

When I read about individuals exhibiting reckless behavior I’m reminded of the book Darker Shades of Blue – The Rogue Pilot by Tony Kern. Tony Kern writes about common characteristics of rogue pilots, how they cross all disciplines, and what to do about rogue pilots in an organization whether it be military, commercial or private aviation.

Gordon Dupont of System Safety Services recently produced a human factors video entitled The Rogue vs. the Moose. The subject is an experienced pilot (2,800 hours) who makes a fatal error in judgment that results in five fatalities. This video is the first in the Pilot/Crew Decision Making (PDM/CDM) Series that challenges the viewer to recognize the links that cause the accident. The video demonstrates the links and finally the safety nets that can help prevent a repeat of the accident.

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