The astronaut who became NASA’s conscience

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The astronaut who became NASA’s conscience

John Young 1930 – 2018 was the astronaut other astronauts wanted to be. In his 42 years in the space program, NASA’s longest-serving astronaut went to space six times, walked on the surface of the moon, and commanded the first space shuttle. But astronauts revered Young for reason beyond his years of experience. Haunted by a 1967 launch pad fire that killed his first spaceflight partner, Gus Grissom, and two other astronauts, Young became an outspoken voice for astronaut safety. “Whenever and wherever I found a potential safety issue,” he wrote in is 2012 memoir, “I always did my utmost to make some noise about it.”

When its time for our obituary to be written, I hope similar words will be strung together that implies we were an outspoken voice for aviation safety and we did our utmost to make some noise about it. Lack of communication and assertiveness are a few of the deadly members of the “dirty dozen.”

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Be Safe in the Region of Risk

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