FAA General Aviation Awards

We are very excited to announce the selection of Area Honorees for the 2018 General Aviation Awards. This year the FAA reorganized offices and no longer has “Regions” per se.  For our purposes, we divided offices into areas according to which time zone they are located.  Here are our 2018 Area Honorees:

District Office             Honoree                          Category
Kansas City, MO   Christopher Hope               Flight Instructor
Nashville, TN        Catherine Cavagnaro         FAASTeam Representative
North TX               Lloyd Timmons, II               Aviation Technician
Baltimore, MD       Helen Woods                     Flight Instructor
Baltimore, MD       C. William "Bill" Pancake   Aviation Technician
Boston, MA            Paul Carroll                       FAASTeam Representative
Denver CO            Ken Fukayama                  Flight Instructor
Scottsdale, AZ       Brent Crow                        FAASTeam Representative
San Jose               Eric Alan Cook                   FAASTeam Representative
Las Vegas             Dan Christman                   Flight Instructor
Las Vegas NV       Jon "Dave" Monti               Aviation Technician

Let's put the Area Honorees into their proper perspective.  Considering that the U.S. has five time zones, being selected to represent an Area places these people in the top five of all the flight instructors, maintenance technicians, avionics technicians or FAASTeam representatives nationwide.

This is only a step in the goal to be named the National Honoree, but it is a HUGE step and no small matter. Congratulations to our Honorees and good luck in the national competition.  National Honorees are scheduled to be chosen by January 30.

For questions or more information contact 
Arlynn McMahon, Chairman
General Aviation Awards Committee
2009 National Flight Instructor of the Year

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