FAA Asks Industry To Help Improve MRO Guidance

FAA is establishing a working group to review all repair station guidance and recommend ways to better align it with the agency's rules that govern maintenance organizations.

The effort,  set up under FAA's Aviation Rulemaking Advisory Committee (ARAC), gives industry the opportunity to weigh in on the myriad advisory circulars, policy statements, and other guidance that FAA leans on to enforce its Part 145 regulations. The rules apply to the 4,800 FAA-certified repair stations, including 800 located outside the U.S.

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Sandy Murdock writes in JDA Journal

One of aviation’s most knowledgeable and best informed writers, Sean Broderick, has flagged an important FAA action. Everyone who works in the Part 145 environment, from executives to AMTs on the shop floor, should read the Aviation Rulemaking Advisory Committee-New Task (Part 145 Working Group).