FAA Internal Training on Repair Station Certification Open to Industry

FAA Internal Training on Repair Station Certification Open to Industry – ARSA

From Jan. 8-12, 2018, the FAA is hosting the year’s first installment of its week-long training session “Certification and Surveillance of Part 145 Repair Stations.” It will be administered in person at the FAA Academy in Oklahoma City and is open to industry enrollment.

The course is designed to provide aviation safety inspectors with knowledge and skills necessary to participate as certification project team members for repair stations. Attending a session like this is the perfect opportunity for an industry professional to go directly to the source and see what the FAA is teaching its own personnel; it helps a lot to understand the perspective of an ASI if you know what they’ve been told about the rules…and it provides an opportunity to help the agency make the whole process better.

The course includes:

(1) Information on the differences between certification of repair stations located inside and outside the United States.
(2) Overview of international agreements for maintenance.
(3) Instruction on application of risk-based certification management.
(4) Review of what ASIs should look for during continuing surveillance.

Click here to view course information on the FAA Academy website.

A limited number of seats are available. Anyone interested in attending can initiate a request by emailing Carl Hayes at [email protected]. The following information should be included in the initial message:

  • Requesting organization.
  • Contact name.
  • Email address.
  • Phone number.
  • Number of students from requesting organization.
  • Name and email address of each student.
  • Number and name of the requested course: 21058 Certification and Surveillance of Part 145 Repair Stations.
  • Training date: Jan. 8-12, 2018.
  • Tuition cost per student per class: $622.56.

Once students are enrolled, they will receive a welcome letter from the course manager providing specific instructions for access to the facility. For more information on logistics, individuals can reach out to the FAA Academy Student Services Section. Information regarding lodging options is also available through the FAA Academy Housing List

Beginning with the session in January, the course is currently scheduled to be held ten times in 2018. While seat availability cannot yet be determined for future sessions, consider contacting the FAA about getting your people into the classroom.


FAA Internal Training on Repair Station Certification Open to Industry – ARSA

In case you can’t make it to Oklahoma…

ARSA Online Training Resources

The association’s training program is provided through Obadal, Filler, MacLeod & Klein, P.L.C., the firm that manages ARSA. To go directly to OFM&K’s online training portal, visit PotomacLaw.inreachce.com. To learn more about the association’s training program and see course availability, visit arsa.org/training.

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