FAA announces the selection of the Division Managers

The FSLB are thrilled to announce a major milestone in the evolution of Flight Standards: the selection of the Division Managers. 

 As you know, the organizational intent of our restructuring is to facilitate and accelerate the evolution of Flight Standards as an agile, efficient, and consistent organization. Leadership is one of the keys to successful change, so we invested a great deal of time and effort in making these selections. Just to recap, we used a three-level interview process to help us identify leaders who have the right mindset, which includes awareness of, and commitment to, our new direction. The interviews were also intended to help us determine where these leaders best fit in the new organization. To be sure, the interview and selection process was extremely rigorous. The process demonstrated that we have many potential leaders within the Flight Standards service. 

With that background in mind, we are proud to announce that we have selected the following leaders to serve in the Division Manager positions in the new Flight Standards Service structure:

 Air Carrier Safety Assurance

            George Wadsworth, Air Carrier A

            Beth Babb, Air Carrier B

            Alan Stephens, Air Carrier C

            Dennis Hill, Air Carrier D 

            Max Tidwell, Air Carrier E

            Thomas Stachiw, Air Carrier F


 General Aviation Safety Assurance

            Thomas Malone, General Aviation A 135

            Roberto Gonzalez, General Aviation B 135

            Clint Wease, General Aviation C 135

            Angelina Mack, General Aviation D 135

            Wayne Fry, General Aviation E 135

            Mark Kramer, General Aviation F

            Hardie DeGuzman, General Aviation G

            Mike Bossert, General Aviation H


Safety Standards

Jeffery Phipps, Aircraft Evaluation

Jodi Baker, Air Transportation

Jackie Black, Aircraft Maintenance

Bradley Palmer, General Aviation & Com.

Elizabeth Kearns, Safety Analysis & Promo.

Robert Ruiz, International

Mark Steinbicker, Flight Technologies

Van Kerns, Regulatory Support


 Foundational Business

            Mark Hopkins, Business Standards

            Augusto Casado, Resource Management A

            Vincent Chirasello, Resource Management B

            Kawehi Lum, Safety Risk Management

            Bobby Hedlund, Workforce Development

            Debra Entricken, Civil Aviation Registry


 As you are aware, Kawehi and Jodi are acting Deputy Directors and Auggie Casado is on military leave.  We have asked the following individuals to be acting Division Managers:


Steve Moates: Air Transportation

Andrew Estrada: Resource Management A

Justin Bouchard: Safety Risk Management


Again, we chose these leaders for their mindset, their awareness of our new direction, and their commitment to leading this crucial change. Please join us in congratulating them and help us in supporting them as we continue the evolution of Flight Standards. 

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