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SUBJECT LINE: FAAST Blast – Flight Standards Reorg, ADS-B Rebate, Avoiding Pilot Deviations, Human Errors Happen
Notice Number: NOTC7313

FAAST Blast — Week of Aug 07, 2017 – Aug 13, 2017
Biweekly FAA Safety Briefing News Update

Flight Standards Service Reorganization

The FAA has published an Information for Operators bulletin (InFO 17010) to inform industry about the Future of Flights Standards (FFS) Initiative. FFS is a service-wide cultural and structural realignment intended to ensure that Flight Standards provides agile, efficient, and consistent service to the aviation community. The forthcoming structural realignment will support the ongoing culture change by eliminating redundancies and shifting from the traditional geography-based structure to a function-based organization. The new structure will enable Flight Standards to provide faster response times, single points of accountability in each functional organization, greater agility, and consistency.

For more details, click here. Be sure to also check future issues of FAA Safety Briefing for more information.

Act Now for ADS-B Rebates

The FAA’s $500 rebate for completed ADS-B installations in fixed-wing, single-engine piston aircraft is ending soon. The last day to apply for a rebate is September 18, 2017. Act now to see if you are eligible. Visit www.faa.gov/go/rebate/.

Tips for Avoiding Pilot Deviations

Runway safety is a top priority for all pilots. Download our FlySafe fact sheet today at https://1.usa.gov/2fquNra for important tips on how to avoid pilot deviations. Check out the video, “Pilot Deviation Safety” on YouTube at https://t.co/taIcGe326n. Produced by the FAASTeam, this video discusses aerial and ground pilot deviations and how to prevent them. It’s part of the FAASTeam’s GA safety video series called "Let's Take a Minute for Safety." Take a minute to watch these short videos to learn more about loss of control safety.

Errare Humanum Est

            As a pilot, have you ever skipped a weather briefing? Rushed a preflight? Skipped a checklist? If the answer is yes, you’ll want to read this: “Errare Humanum Est – To Err is Human” in the July/Aug issue of FAA Safety Briefing (https://adobe.ly/2toAmM5). You can download the entire issue here at www.faa.gov/news/safety_briefing/2017/media/JulAug2017.pdf.


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