Future of FAA Flight Standards Progress

Hi, folks -


We are now just over two weeks away from the Future of Flight Standards realignment, so it is a very exciting and busy time. Our new leadership team is working hard to make the process as smooth as possible and, most importantly, to minimize any risk to our Continued Operational Safety mission.


Here’s a quick summary of what’s happening:


  • Interviews for the vacant Division Manager positions are underway and will be completed later this week. Along with the Directors and Deputy Directors, John B, Mike Z and I will make selections by August 18. The normal HR processes may take a few days, but we do expect to have most if not all of the Division Managers in place shortly after our August 20 transition date.


  • The Directors are holding virtual meetings this week with employees in the four new functional areas. Please remember, though, that our organizational intent is to not create four new silos. Interdependence and horizontal communication are essential. Regardless of your assigned functional area, your work with the other three needs to be as open and seamless as possible.


If you are moving to a new organization, you can expect to receive a communication in the next few days. This message will address where you will be in the organization and to whom you will report. As we’ve stated before, no one will move, lose pay, or change job duties.


  • We plan to establish a Rapid Response Team that will enable you to ask questions, raise problems or concerns, or direct external customers as we near the transition. We will provide details later.


A great number of people have worked hard to make this transition as smooth and as organized as possible. No matter how hard we try, though, change on this magnitude is challenging and there will be bumps in the road. If you encounter one of those bumps, please treat it as an opportunity to use horizontal communication and interdependence to get past it.  Elevate issues to your supervisor as needed. Together, we will make it all work.


Thanks for all the great work and support. I hope you are as excited as I am in the final approach to this major milestone in our ongoing Future of Flight Standards journey.



John Duncan

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