"I'm Glad To Be Here!"

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"I'm Glad To Be Here!"

Another afterburner performance by the Navy Blue Angles F18’s on Sunday at the Stewart Int’l Airport just west of Newburg, NY. The crowd was large, the weather perfect and the photographers plentiful.

Two years ago I wrote the following article on the Blue Angles pilot preflight meeting and feel it is worth repeating, as there are new subscribers to our human factors newsletter.

There are two things the Blue Angels do before each performance. They sit around a table just like you do in crew or management meeting so they can look at each other. The leader or Commander of the Blue Angels then leads them through the entire performance with their eyes shut. The Commander counts down all the different turns and special things they do. He times it out just as if they were in the air flying. Then after they go over the performance in their head, they go around the table and each pilot gets to say a few words to the other pilots. The first thing they say to the other pilots is always "I'm glad to be here!" Then they talk about what they see that they or one of the other pilots can do to make the show better.

When a reporter asked the Commander why each pilot said, "I'm glad to be here" the Commander said "It is very important to let the other pilots know that you are focused and not worried about something else going on in your life. When you are flying at 400 miles an hour and sometimes 40 to 48 inches apart you would like to know that the pilot next to you is totally focused on what they are doing."

The lesson on being focused, from the Blue Angel pilots, is a good lesson for us today. Each time we walk onto the job site we should say "I'm glad to be here" letting others know that we are prepared for the task at hand and willing to assist others in any way possible. So, are you glad to be here?

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