Live in the Light

Although it might sound surprising, I actually enjoy taking off in an aircraft on the most cloudy or even stormy days. Even on the stormiest day, once the aircraft breaks through the clouds there is the glorious sun and tranquility.

This never fails to remind me of my midnight shift tours while working as an aviation maintenance technician. It's the darkness of the hour, the circadian rhythm low, the strain of seeing through a flash light beam and the time pressure of delivering an airworthy aircraft. These were the cloudy and sometime stormy hours of working on the other side of the clock.

But once the glorious sun peered over the horizon a wave of tranquility and awe would come over me. I felt deeply satisfied with the effort of being the best version of my self to my fellow crewmembers and to my craft. The appearance of the sun announced that living in the light provided a moment of reflection and appreciation for all that I have been given. Many days have past since working the graveyard shift, but I’m always reminded of this sensation when flying on cloudy and stormy days.

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Roger Hughes

Decoding Human Factors, LLC

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