EASA Aims To Tighten MX Flight Check Rules

The European Aviation Safety Agency has issued an opinion that is the first step in creating a rule aimed at mitigating mishaps during maintenance check flights (MCFs). According to EASA, a number of accidents and incidents have occurred during MCFs, caused by incomplete or inadequate maintenance.

This opinion proposes safety requirements to adequately select pilots and apply procedures for MCFs, while distinguishing between complex aircraft and non-complex aircraft. Operators conducting the higher risk category of these MCFs in complex aircraft (including business jets) will have to develop EASA-approved procedures and ensure coordination among the new MCF regulations; the member state’s continuing airworthiness management program; and the maintenance provider, whether commercial or private.

Some 362 comments were submitted to the notice of proposed amendment on MCFs published in 2012. The agency says the opinion responds to these comments. A rule is expected to be adopted in the first quarter of 2019.

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