AMTA End of Year Update

 Greetings everyone,


  The efforts to raise money for a bust of Charles E. Taylor for the US Army Museum has raised $565.00 in 4 months from 9 people. The link is Thank you to our donors! I hope that we can raise the $6000.00 needed to purchase this bust of Charlie.


  We have received word from the US National Parks Service regarding the AMTA's wish to donate a bust of Charlie to the Wright Brothers National Memorial at Kitty Hawk North Carolina. It has been several months since the AMTA submitted the required forms and information offering a bronze bust to be placed on display at the Visitor Center to help bring recognition to Charlie's contributions to the Wright brothers. Working with Jami Lanier, Cultural Resource Manager, we patiently waited for word of the National Parks Service accepting our donation. However the response was not what we expected. Although Jami had created a Power Point presentation on our behalf the Design Committee respectfully declined our offer. The Kitty Hawk location is undergoing a $7 million upgrade and it seems as if the Design Committee feels as if a bust of Charles Taylor will "over shadow" the Wright Brothers. As disappointing as this news is the AMTA has asked the US National Parks Service to keep our request in mind for future exhibits. The AMTA does not agree with the Design Committee's thinking and will continue to place a bust of the man who created the engine for the Wright Brothers at Kitty Hawk. There is no way that Mr. Taylor can over shadow Orville and Wilbur's achievements. That is not the reason for our donation. All the AMTA wishes is to have the "father of aircraft maintenance" remembered. Charles E. Taylor and our craft deserve to be remembered. Thanks to Mr. Gary Santos for his direct efforts in trying to make the Kitty Hawk donation a reality.


 The Senate AMT Day Resolution, S.RES 335, continues to sit on Senator Charles Schumer's desk waiting for co-sponsorship from the Republican side of the aisle. With the Holiday Season here Washington is on break. Once our elected officials return the AMTA will again work towards making S.RES 335 a reality and it can join the US Congressional AMT Day Resolution and the many State AMT Day Resolutions.


 Next April 25th - 27th the AMTA will once again sponsor our Charles E. Taylor Event at the Aerospace Maintenance Competition (AMC) in Orlando Florida held during the MRO Americas Trade Show. This will be the AMTA's 9th time sponsoring this event and promoting Charlie and our craft.


 As always, thank YOU very much for your continued support in the AMTA and our efforts to have aviation history remember who Charles E. Taylor was and who the men and women are that have followed in his footsteps.




Ken MacTiernan

Director AMTA          

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