Aviation Maintenance Technical Engineer (AMTE)

The National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) introduced a proposal to create a professional development certification for aircraft maintenance technicians.  The proposal is titled "Project Bootstrap." 

According to the proposal, NBAA would bring together A&P/IAs and avionics technicians to create "a new higher level of aviation maintenance professional." 

It appears the base of the program will be the AET certification offered by the NCATT plus add on ratings still being developed.  The AET certification and ratings combined with A&P certificate plus FCC GROL or IA or pilot ratings and a set number of years experience to become an Aviation Maintenance Technical Engineer (AMTE)

For additional information there's a Powerpoint presentation and white paper at http://www.nbaa.org/prodev/bootstrap/

In an industry where type specific training an experience is the ticket to better pay and opportunity, I wonder if this new effort has a place.

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