Foreign Object Elimination Certification

Over the past few decades I've sat through countless Foreign Object Damage (FOD) prevention briefings and completed numerous short courses on the subject, so when the National Center for Aerospace and Transportation Technologies (NCATT) introduced the Foreign Object Elimination (FOE) certification I figured I was up to it. 

I sat for the exam after reviewing the 12 page study guide from their website and the National Aersopace FOD prevention guidelines.  The guidelines are available at and are listed in the NCATT study guide.

The exam validates a base level of knowledge on the subject and will raise the level of understanding on FOD prevention across our industry.

Check it out and tell us what you think!

From the NCATT website

FOE Exam Now in Testing Centers 
 The NCATT Foreign Object Elimination (FOE) – Elements of Basic Awareness Certification is now in LaserGrade testing centers nationwide.  This certification was developed by industry leaders. The goal of these industry leaders is to raise awareness and cultivate a proactive culture where Foreign Object Damage (FOD) is addressed before it becomes a critical issue to the aircraft.  This certification is a Basic Awareness certification that can be used by all employees, not just the technicians, who find themselves in FOD sensitive/critical areas in the hangar or manufacturing floor.  The exam is a 50 question exam requiring a passing score of 85 or above. The current cost of the exam is $55. Go to the NCATT website ( or call us at 817-515-7264 for more information.

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