Sleepy JetBlue baggage handler hitches free flight

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Sleepy JetBlue baggage handler hitches free flight

Wednesday, 1 April 2009 News Story on e-Travel Blackboard

A sleepy baggage handler found himself trapped in the cargo hold of a JetBlue airliner heading for Boston on Saturday.

Officials said the 21-year-old baggage handler, named Sidney Nurse, claimed he fell asleep whilst loading bags on Flight B6-1004 at New York’s JFK Airport.

New York’s Daily News reported that Nurse told authorities that when he awoke, he found himself airborne. Panic followed and he used his cell phone during the 37-minute flight to call JetBlue officials without success.

Nurse was unloaded with the luggage by stunned baggage handlers in Boston’s Logan Airport according to Reuters.

"Even after talking to him we were a little uncertain as to how it happened" said Massachusetts State Police spokesman David Procpio on Monday.

JetBlue spokesman Bryan Baldwin said Nurse was able to survive the 17,000 feet altitude because the cargo bins on JetBlue planes are pressurized. He said the airline was investigating the incident.

Nurse, who was tagged as an “accidental tourist” by U.S. media, was cleared with no injuries and put on a JetBlue flight, this time in a passenger seat, back to New York.

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Isn't the Cargo bays checked prior closing of the bulk doors.

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