Human Factors Training

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Human Factors Training

This course has been developed to introduce FAA personnel with backgrounds in various disciplines to the science and methods of Human Factors. While the course has been tailored for Integrated Product Team (IPT) members to foster an understanding of the role and contribution of Human Factors in FAA system development, we hope that it will be of interest and use to all FAA employees, students of Human Factors, and the general public. At the end of this course, students should have an appreciation and awareness of the fundamentals of human factors, its methods, and the importance of having Human Factors specialists participate in FAA projects.

More in-depth information on specific FAA Human Factors programs and research can be found at

Guidance on the role of Human Factors in FAA acquisition programs can be found at

To obtain the greatest advantage from this course, it is recommended that you follow the course sequence.

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On 1/15/09 Century CRM received FAA certification qualifying their NBAA PDP Leadership course as an IA (Inspection Authorization) Refresher Course. The course title for the NBAA PDP course was Human Factors for Aviation Leaders. The new course title reflects minor changes to meet FAA requirements and is called "Human Factors, Safety Management Systems and Technical Training for Maintenance Professionals". The two day course meets both PDP and IA refresher requirements in one course saving time and money.

Transport Canada offers Fatigue Risk Management System for Canadian Aviation Toolkit at

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