Torqued: Pilots and Mechanics Must Communicate after Critical Maintenance

If you missed the NTSB’s safety alerts this past month, three were targeted at general aviation pilots and one at GA mechanics. The three aimed at pilots involve flying in mountainous terrain; transition training when flying different aircraft or aircraft with different flying characteristics or avionics; and the importance of performing detailed preflight checks after maintenance, especially maintenance involving flight control and trim systems. The alert targeted to the GA maintenance community stems from recent accidents involving improperly rigged flight controls and trim system. The alerts targeted to the GA pilots and mechanics involving maintenance raise an issue near and dear to my heart: the importance of communication between maintenance and flight operations. Communications between maintenance and flight ops is critical no matter whether the operation involved is an airline operated under Part 121 or Part 135 or a private operation under Part 91. Of course, in general aviation, the pilot is often the only person in the “flight department” so communication directly between the maintenance provider and the pilot is crucial to ensuring safety after maintenance is performed.

Cont.  Posted in AINonline by John Goglia

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