NASA Data Reveals Intimidation of Airline Mechanics

 by John Goglia  - May 5, 2015, 2:00 AM

I have been concerned about recent reports by mechanics at major airlines of intimidation and pressure by supervisors to violate FAA safety rules. One situation I discussed last month resulted in a federal lawsuit by mechanics and their union against the airline and the other involved a settlement of a whistleblower complaint by a mechanic at a different airline. These situations got me interested in finding out what NASA’s aviation safety reporting system (ASRS) data would show: whether any mechanics were reporting intimidation or fear of reprisal in conjunction with their maintenance employment. NASA maintains the ASRS database to encourage airmen to submit voluntary reports of safety information without fear of the FAA learning about them and using them improperly.

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I read the secondary article as well and I am not surprised. If only 50% of these reports withstand the rigors of a thorough investigation, That Is Still Far Too Many! I wish that the data included the names of the Part 121 carriers!