Getting Your Documents Quickly

ATP NavigatorV® software offers you the ability to search and locate documents based on selected requirements. For example; the What’s New Tab, allows you to see changes and additions to your libraries based on release dates, while the Search Tab allows you to use keywords or make/model for your search. The My Library Tab consolidates all regulatory and maintenance publications by model into a comprenesive librrary index, and Profile and Compliance permits “whole aircraft” AD and SB searches and recordkeeping.

Then there is my personal favorite, Quick Find. The Quick Find button is located in the upper right-hand corner of the NavigatorV® program. If you know the document number, enter it in the box and the book will open. No prefix is needed unless it is actually part of the document numbers as with some Manufacturer Service Information i.e. SL12-345. To open AD’s, AC’s, FAR’s or maintenance publications just enter the doc number and click the Quick Find button.
* To open a AD, just type in the Directive in the form of 70-10-04 or 2006-12-25 and click Quick Find.
* Want an AC, type in the Circular number such as 43-9.
* Want to look up something in a FAR part? Use Quick Find to open the whole FAR Part (book), and then use the TOC to jump to the section. FAR books are numbered using the FAR Part # and -0 for the whole book. If you want to look in Part 43 enter 43-0 in Quick Find and get the whole FAR part 43 is seconds.
* Maintenance Manuals, IPC’s and other books work the same way. Enter the manufacturer’s part number for the book and Quick Find will open it.

Quick Find is the fastest and easiest way to open a document when you know the number of the publication.

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