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IA training

I received an e-mail from Dr. Gleim yesterday

Gleim has doubled IARC study units for IAs. Our initial IA Renewal Course consisted of eight 1-hour study units:

1: Aircraft Wood Structure Inspection
2: 14 CFR Part 91 Subpart E - Maintenance, Preventive Maintenance, and Alterations
3: FAR 43 Maintenance, Preventive Maintenance, Rebuilding, and Alteration
4: Aircraft Landing Gear Inspection
5: Aircraft Weight and Balance
6: Human Factors in Aircraft Maintenance
7: Propeller Inspection
8: Internet Resources for the IA

We will add the eight additional 1-hour study units below and plan to add even more study units to increase variety. Please suggest more topics to us.

9: Security and Safety in the Workplace
10: Part 43 Advisory Circulars and the Aviation Maintenance Alerts System
11: Aircraft Fabric Inspection
12: Corrosion Control
13: Visual Inspections
14: Aircraft Composites and Plastics Inspection
15: Non-Destructive Aircraft Inspection
16: Airworthiness Directives

Gleim will allow you to create your own custom 8-hour IARC Course. Each Gleim IARC is 8 hours in length. You select any 8 Study Units to complete an 8-hour course. Current regulations require you to complete 1 course by 3/31 of EVEN years and 1 course by 3/31 of ODD years. The IARC price is $49.95.

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Thanks for the information.
How would an IA get more information on this course? Is their a web site url or other contact information you can supply?

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The website http://www.gleim.com/aviation/inspection/online/about.php

You select the units you are interested in for a total of 8 hours of instruction. You can even complete unit one for free just to check it out.

Each unit may not take an hour to complete, it very much depends on your reading speed and test taking habits. You start each unit by completing a 20 question true/false exam on the subject. Each answer is explained in full after you select an answer. Next you download a reading assignment (pdf format) and read at your leisure. Once you finish the reading you reenter the course and complete the final exam (open book!)

After you've completed 8 hours of material you download a completion certificate.

I've completed training with them for the past four years and I'm happy to see the additional unit offerings this year.

Just received this msg today:

Dear Gary,

Good news! Our new 16 1-hour IA Renewal study units are now FAA approved through March 31, 2011.

1. Thank you for using the Gleim IARC and recommending Gleim to other IAs.

2. To sign up for an 8 hour course, go to http://www.gleim.com/iarc/. In each 8-hour course, you pick and choose any eight study units to meet your annual requirement.

3. You are registered in our IA UPDATE REMINDER SERVICE.

4. Please forward this email to other IAs who may not be aware of the Gleim IA renewal or our IA UPDATE REMINDER service.

5. They should signup at http://www.gleim.com/iasignup.

Thank you. Have a great day, and above all, be well and be safe!

Dr. Irvin N. Gleim
Gleim Publications, Inc.
P.O. Box 12848
Gainesville, FL 32604

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