Factory Authorized training

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Factory Authorized training

At Sun 'n Fun last year I had the pleasure of attending "Introduction to the Rotax 912 4-stoke engine." The course was presented by Mr Dean Vogel of Aero Technical Institute in Sebring FL.  Mr Vogel had the most professional and informative presentation I attended during the week. Interesting little engine!

Some friends an I have discussed the following section of the Rotax manual and are of differing opinions.


I'd enjoy some discussion on the subject


It is a requirement that every organization or individual will possess the required special tooling, training or experience to perform all tasks outlined. Any task outlined herein may be performed if the organization or individual has met the following conditions:
Requisite knowledge of the task as a result of:
Type specific authorization training for the applicable Rotax engine which is approved by the national aviation authority.


Experience performing the task AND

Formal instruction from a BRP-ROTAX authorized training facility or
On The Job instruction by a BRP-ROTAX or authorized BRP-ROTAX Distributor representative


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