Brownsville Aviation Safety Seminar

Saturday, March 28, 2009 - 10:07
<p>Title &quot;Brownsville Aviation Safety Seminar&quot;</p> <p>Topic IA renewal seminar, Pilot safety meeting, Aircraft courtesy evaluation, and Pilot skills evaluation (in your aircraft)</p> <p>Date and Time Saturday, March 28, 2009, starting at 8:00 am</p> <p>Speaker(s) Gary Stamper FAA, Mike Jordan FAA, Paul Chapman CFI - FAASTeam Rep., Shane Silvers FAASTeam Rep - College Instructor</p> <p>Brief Description Inspection Authorization renewal training. Pilot safety seminar for wings credit. AIrcraft and Pilot evaluation by qualified mechanics and CFI's. Bring your aircraft maintenance logs.</p> <p>Location of Event Commemorative Air Force<br /> 955 South Minnesota Ave.</p> <p>Brownsville, TX 78521</p> <p>Seating 50 seats at the facility, 40 remaining for online registration.</p> <br /> <p>Sponsoring Division San Antonio FSDO</p> <p>Contact Information MICHAEL RAY JORDAN<br /> Phone: 210-308-3312<br /> [email protected]</p> <p>Additional Event Information &amp; Acknowledgement of Industry Sponsor(s)</p> <p>The IA training will be taught by Texas State Technical College and the FAASTeam. Pilot safety seminar will discuss take offs and landing, and CFI work shops. Wings credit available.</p> <p>The courtesy evaluation will offer a free cursory look at your aircraft and maintenance records by qualified mechanics, and provide you with a list of discrepancies if any are found. The pilot can take a free evaluation ride with a certified instructor to work on problem areas are just to sharpen your skills.</p>