Experience vs Experience

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Experience vs Experience

From my friend Ron O. When Experience is not Experience!

There is a neat story that goes along with this accident. We knew the pilot who was doing the flying for the movie and thought he'd be doing it all. However, the director knew a guy in California who flew for the movies and was also an aerobatic showman. He did an act with a man standing on his wing. Unfortunately, the pilot wiped him off one day during a performance but apparently this mishap, didn't affect his reputation as a pilot and it was he who the director called upon to do this scene. Lake Lovely Water is about 4,800 feet elevation between Squamish and Whister and its a well-named small lake tucked into a high cliff with a spectacular waterfall at one end that billows and throws rainbows and a drop-off at the other. Malcolm, our friend was asked to run the Hollywood pilot through the technique needed for this landing for the scene. Mr. Hollywood pilot had no floatplane time and wouldn't accept that flying floats was very different than flying wheels and besides he was an aerobatic pilot with thousands of hours. Malcolm said the guy dismissed him with a yeah yeah. He did not listen. The bizarre "landing" was so spectacular that they left it in the film. This film has been used at many a Ministry of Transportation instructional seminar

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Yeah, pilots -- anyone surprised?

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