UPC (Bar Codes) Progressive Tracking

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UPC (Bar Codes) Progressive Tracking

I am wondering if anyone has experience with using Bar Codes (or another method) to track wheel maintenance?  If so, can you recommend a vendor or specific program that would work for the following senerio:


EDDY CURRENT OR PENETRANT INSPECTION (at 3, 6, 9, 12, 14, 16, 18, 21 & every tire change thereafter)

MANDATORY PENETRANT INSP OF THE FULL WHEEL BASE & SIDE RIM (at 20 & every 3rd tire change thereafter)

Your comments are welcomed!


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If your wheels ever get a strip & repaint, it seems having a bar code sticker might be problematic. Maybe you could also consider RFID tags. Wheels are a tough environment for either. Regardless, the bar code or RFID # is still going to be checked against the wheel P/N, S/N and tracked in some form of log.

Do you do so many tire changes that manual wheel logs are a problem to keep up?

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Yes, we do several wheel/tire changes a week. Right now we've gone to a wheel card that stays with the wheel (in the airplane the wheel is installed on). It's more paper and greater chance of mistakes in my opinion - time will tell though. Thanks for your input.

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