Aircraft Structural Screws - 2 minute review

Looking for comments on this short course on aircraft structural screws that I just completed.

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On slides 2 & 6, "shear plain" should be "shear plane".
On slide 4 suggest using KPSI in lieu of KSI. Your call.
On slides 6,7 & 8 a number of the graphics did not display for me.

Overall, a really nice review. Thanks for offering it.


Great little screw review. I've seen numerous problems arise from not selecting the fasteners called for in the IPM.

However, there is a word either spelled incorrectly, or used incorrectly (however you want to view it), on slide #2. The word "plain" should be "plane".

Keep up the good work!


plane has been corrected - thank you.

Strength numbers in KSI are a direct quote from Table II of MIL-S-7839