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Up and running

The LSA world is up and running and the new SLSA's are pretty nice and relatively straight forward to work on. It may even be the saving grace for GA at the budget end.


Except for the nuiances of the Rotax and Jabiru engines, everything else falls into place and should show up in any shop.

When in doubt, get a hold of an LSRM-A who has done the maintenance work and inspections on the engines- most of us want to help and learn your trade as well. I for one would like to join the A&P ranks in about 18 months.


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It is very important that the an A & P be aware that we have another very important consideration, other than the "nuiances of the Rotax and Jabiru engines"
SLSA aircraft continued maintenance and inspection requirements are governed by ASTM. While the FAA say they are ok with an A & P (who has previous "like" experience with the engine etc) ASTM has left this up to the manufactuer. So, in fact, even though you have an N numbered aircraft in your shop, the manufactuer's maintenance manuals must state that an A & P may complete the repairs or inspection. Manufactuer's are required to list "level of certification to complete a task and will use the descriptor " A & P" if you are authorized. I will work on a complete article on this topic and post ASAP. Carol Carpenter

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