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From time to time I get asked to explain the NavigatorV® library manager. We produced our first digital maintenance library in 1994 and within a short time we had over 100 CDs with digital tech pubs. These PDF on CD products had many limitations.
Customers needed a complete library management tool that took advantage of the benefits of a digital library without the drawbacks of handling multiple discs. Turning NavigatorV® into a complete library management software platform provided the following benefits:
§         Single access point –Regulatory and all OEMs in a single program and screen. Only one system to learn, one place to look.
§         Easy access to the current publication, be it stored local, networked, online or on disc. No guessing where content is.
§         Concurrently open, view and search pubs from any source – both regulatory and all maintenance OEMs.
§         Network install uses a common content repository; QA knows what everyone is using.
§         EZ Update maintains currency automatically; no need to copy or upload stacks of revision discs.
Let’s look at how all of this works. Use the icon of 4 arrows to make full screen.

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NavigatorV - a tool that increases your productivity, saved you time, and therefore saves you money while enhancing safety and quality.
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