Is there a way to modify a work order once created?

There are many locations in the program where you can add to a drop down list by using the [+] button. These additions are editable when first created and until they have been used for a logbook entry. This includes the Create Work Order field.

To edit any drop down list entries select Table Modification from the Utility menu. The newly created (un-used) Work Orders are listed as item 12.

There are 15 drop down menu lists editable from this screen.

Hi, Can I operate more than one company on the same computer using ATP? Basically 2 data bases using the same program?

Yes, Maintenance Director has an option to run multiple database.

Full instruction on setting up multiple database is under 'help' on Maintenance Director. Click on 'help' on top, select 'Administering ATP Maintenance Director' then select 'activating the data selector'.

I have a user that didn't log out of Navigator correctly and locked and no one else can view them. How do I release this user?

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On Navigator server PC, locate the 'ATP content' folder (it is the folder that you share to the clients.

Delete the file 'AU' & 'U" and it will reset any license.

Advised user to logoff the Navigator before shutting of the PC otherwise it will not release the license properly.

In compliance you can choose for FAA/SB/EASA view. Is it possible to add an extra option here?

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The compliance record is limited to just the three types of lists. Expanding to other categories has been discussed. Your request has been sent to the management team. Requests help them set development priorities so we appreciate the inquiry.

Bob, we would like to add our UVU logo to the printed work order. How can this be done??? Also, we need to remove some facilities that were entered in error. Please advise.

Many of the reports are formatted with a small image of an aircraft. This image can be replaced with a company logo. The shape of the logo image file should be twice as wide as it is tall (the logo can be any shape but when placed in the file add white space so the file shape is a 2X1 rectangle). To add you Logo click on the Utility and then System Configuration. The first table lets you upload and save the image.

Disc manager page will not let me click on the install content button. How do i update my libraries via the discs we received?

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The Install button in Disc Manager is not active if all of the content is already installed.

Revisions are managed by the Yellow update disc. After updating your computers database the update will ask for needed DVDs. If you skip inserting the DVDs when requested and then go to Disc Manager the Install button would be active (because you do not have all the content installed) But if you have all content installed then the Install button is inactive.

I don't get the automatic prompt to update our library . How do I update the DAA series discs without a prompt?

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Good question. What you describe is a result of the shift to DVD discs. You see, the DVD holds so much content that many times a disc is revised but the change is not needed for your library. For example a DVD may contain information for all Beech King Air series aircraft and you have the Beech C90 library. For this example lets say the Beech 300 IPC is revised on the DVD. You will receive a new DVD but after inserting the Yellow update disc you will not be prompted to insert the Beech DVD because none of the changes on the DVD are needed in your library. So why did you receive the DVD?