Where is the SRM for the Avanti I aircraft? We do not have it our Library

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Your account shows you subscribe to the library with the SRM. You may not be seeing it if the product was not added (registered) to the software or if a user does not have permission to access the library. It depends on how you set up the program so it is hard to know the exact answer. We will contact you and walk through how you are configured becuase by default the manual should show.

How do I prove I am current and have the latest Discs

Frequently Asked Questions: 

We provide two tools to prove you have the latest discs.

First is a revision card we mail every January (and with new orders) that lists the date of each monthly revision for the full year. When you receive the discs you should enter the received date on this card. This revision card confirms that you have received all revisions.

Second is the EZ Update tab in NavigatorV. The tab lists your libraries and the latest date for each disc.

Limited disc space after upgrade

Frequently Asked Questions: 

The upgrade to Release 8 included migrating your existing content to new folders. The upgrade was designed to move the content requiring no additional space. Some users have reported a problem and that they re-installed their content. This may leave the old content in the old directory structure. If your content is completely installed and working fine you can run the attached program to look for content in the old unused folders and remove this content.


Frequently Asked Questions: 

We always use the Model name from the TC. Many times the OEM uses a model name that is different from the model number in the TC. When they do this we also use the OEM model name. We are trying to improve access by letting the customer use either name. We return the same results for both. We are trying to prevent overlooking data because a user looks under a common name in place of the TC Model Number

Citation Sovereign = 680
Duchess = 76
Challenger 300 = BD-100-1A10
Columbia 350 = LC42-550FG
Westwind = 1125

Error Ez Update (112: Unsupported Version)

Frequently Asked Questions: 

You are receiving error code 112: Unsupported Application version number because the version of ATP Navigator on your machine is not current.

You can verify your version by going to the top menu on ATP Navigator, Click on HELP and select "About ATP Navigator".

If you are on any version other than 8.0.0, We ask that you insert the latest white content DVD that you received in the mail, to update ATP Navigator to the latest version.

How do I check OEM Revision Status

Frequently Asked Questions: 

The EZ Update tab includes information to verify your system is up to date with ATP. We regularly audit our content with the OEMs and have developed the following list of OEM web links and their Technical Publication status reports. These links go to websites of selected manufacturers for the latest postings on technical publication revisions.

Some may require a login and password. When applying to the site please make sure to indicate that the customer is an ATP customer


how can I delete an account?

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Can I presume you are asking about deleting you AskBob account?

If it is you askbob account you are looking to delete here are the steps.

1) Log in

2) Click on the Members Link

3) On the right side menu click My Page

4) Click the Edit tab near the top of the page

5) On the edit page there is a Save and Delete at the bottom. Click Delete. You wil get a conformation screen where you need to select Delete a second time.