How does the search function in Navigator work?

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Search looks at the body of the publications selected. The biggest thing to remember is the search term box is a exact match. Unlike a Google search with returns any combination of the search term and millions of hits we want to focus down to the specific results. If you are using multiple words then the result must be exactly the same in the publication to find it. For example "Rudder Bolt" will not find "rudder stop bolt" or even "rudder bolts". If you want to extend the search then there are ways of ,moving past a exact match.

IPad apps

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Yes, the July update to ATP Navigator Online will support iPads.  All regulatory content is in html and works very nicly. We do recommend adding the Goodreader pdf app for better performance of the PDF based maintenance content. Although it functions, I would not consider a iPad the best choice for really large manuals (MM, IPC etc).  I have a iPad and a Netbook and find the full funtion browser in the Netbook supports more of the advanced functions than the reduced browser fucctionality of the iPad browser.

where would I find a copy of the maintance record on the web

My favorite way of creating documents for the web from my computer is to use a program called CutePDF.  This application installs a PDF Printer on your computer. With it installed simply select CutePDF as the printer for any records or reports and  you will get a PDF. It can then be emaild, uploaded to the web or whatever you need. 

How do I update my facility information once my ATP profile has been started.

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I am not sure if you are asking about changes going forward or changing old records.

For going forward: The Compliance records are auto filled every time a new record is added. The auto fill information comes from the Facilities tab in Settings. If you update this information then all added records will have the changed information.

Update of my library

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Because of mailing time the disc's will always be older than internet download. The Internet is great but is not available reliably for everyone so updating by disc is the best option in your case. The problem you are having is you are trying to use both update methods and the Internet and disc's are not for the same period of time. I would recommend using 100% disc revisions for your update. Go to the EZ Update tab and click the Scheduler Settings button and disable Internet EZ Update. This will stop the computer from asking for disc's that are still en-route.

How can I read or install my current disc when Navigator is looking for a more current one?

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It sound like your EZ Update may have updated your Navigator Application and now looking for a newer disc.

You will need to go to the Navigator Repair Tools to revert your application to read the current disc:

Please go to the Start Menu/All Program/ATP/ATP/NavigatorV/Repair Tool

Under the Content Repair, click on the Reinstall button. It will prompt you to insert your current white DVD disc

Once completed open your ATP Navigator and go to the EZ Update tab and click Install Content to load the specific library disc.

Error Deserializing RevisionInfo.xml?

Frequently Asked Questions: 

1. Shutdown your Navigator Server

2. Restart your computer

3. After restart, click on start, all programs, atp, navigatorVr (don't start the Navigator) and select Navigator Repair tool

4. On repair tool, click on reset button

5. Afte reset, click on the update button and follow the prompts.





Frequently Asked Questions: 

Libraries are added using Product Registration. There is a Orange button near the top right of the Welcome Screen tab that says Add or Manage Libraries. You enter the library product code and access code and it will add your library to NavigatorV. Call our support team or email them at support@atp.com if you have any problems