I am trying to get ADs on a Stromberg NAS3B carburetor and Bendix Scintilla SF4RN-8 magnetoes.

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Thanks for asking, let be discuss components and the lists in NavigatorV. We do not have a database of all approved aircraft parts, we DO have a list of all components that we publish documents for (i.e. ADs, SBs, manuals). This second list is what you will find in the Navigator dropdowns in Search and Profiles. If a manufacturer or Model is not listed we do not have any ADs, SBs or manuals for that item. We also include a second source of Appliance ADs so that you can verify that Not Listed = No ADs (and not just missing data!). Go to the Forms tab and open ATP Worksheets.

Where on ATP does it show the AD bi-weekly number? I ask this as I fill out an FAA form 8130-6. Damon May

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Thanks for the question Damon. The actual FAA biweekly is included with each revision. It can be opened from the What’s New or Search tab. The FAA Biweekly is in folder labeled “Airworthiness Directives – FAA Small AD Indexes” and “Airworthiness Directives – FAA Large AD Indexes”. Besides the current Biweekly the FAA Index folders also include the FAA AD Indexes for Appliance, Airframe, Engine, Prop and Numerical.

My favorite method is to type Small Biweekly in the Quick Find box and hit Enter. The latest Biweekly will open.

How can I confirm that I have the latest fiche within my library?

A: ATP includes the orange master reference fiche with each revision package which has an eye readable section. Look for the eye readable fiche that reads Fiche Inventory Checklist and insert it into your read.

This will list the product code and a brief description of the library. Match up the library code with the same code on the outside of your revision package or view your account on our website after you have registered with us.

If you have not registered - please visit our website at www.atp.com and click on my account. You may now register to view your account