Library for 1 aicraft???

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No stupid questions here :)  This is a good question.

We have multiple combinations of libraries. In general we have airframe only libraries, Engine & Prop (Support) libraries, Aircraft (airframe, engine & prop) Maintenance Libraries. Sometimes we do this for a single model but most often it is for a group of models. Usually the group is based on the airframe manual coverage as a single manual may cover multiple models.

ATP Hub (User is being Kicked Off)

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The reason way this is probably happening is because you have all of your users sharing the same login. So if one user is logged on and another user then tries logging in with the same login, he will automatically kick out the existing user. Aviation Hub recommended the Admin to create each new users their own indivisual login. Please keep in mind, once you created a login, an email will be sent to each of your users and they will be prompted them to change their temporary password to they own. So please just setup a generic temporary password as they will need to change it anyways.

Revisions to Maintenance manuals

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Good question Doug

I believe you are referring to Service Manual D2070.

If so, then you may be looking at the transmittal letter section of the manual. We do incorporate the TR into the body of the manual. In addition the transmittal letter/instruction page is usually placed in the front matter.

Maintenance tab vs. Profile tab

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The idea is you would only use one of the features. The Profile & Compliance tool has been around for years and is a nice compliance tracking tool but does not provide much in the way of forecasting future requirements. ATP Maintenance is a new feature added this year that is targeted to forecasting. If you are starting fresh I would just use ATP Maintenance so you have compliance tracking and forecasting.


Hope this helps. Feel free to give us a call for more information.

How can I see the alternate part numbers when printing in Job and Parts Requests?

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The ATP Parts has a number of basic fields included. It also has the Form Designer tool that allows additional fields to be added. Alt P/N would be one of these added fields. These additional fields show on screen but as of now, user cannot print user defined fields. Only the Add Part to WO dialog box and the Part Details box shows this user defined field.   We are planning to enhance this to have user defined fields printed when some one prints the reports.

How to subscribe Maintenance Director? and price??

ATP Maintenance is part of the ATP Aviation Hub cloud based program. Aircraft can be added to the ATP Maintenance program on a subscription basis. The cost depends on the complexity of the aircraft. The ATP Maintenance program works alongside your tech pub subscription to link all of the maintenance events, ADs and service bulletins along with the documentation.

How to search using the quick find box on top right?

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To limit the results in Quick find it initially does an Exact Match search and display all issues that exactly match the input.

If it finds no results it asks if you want to do a wild card search.

In your example it never shows gets to the wild card option because there are exact matches.

You will need to force the wild card search by adding a % and all variants/revisions will show.