EZ Update

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Please follow this instructions to fix the issue.

 1. Restart the computer on your Navigator/main PC.

 2. Then click on start, all programs, atp, navigatorVR, locate Navigator Repair tool (don’t start the Navigator) then right click on it and select "ran as administrator"

 3. On the repair tool, click on the Reset button and follow the prompts

 4. After the reset, click on Update button and follow the prompts


Frequently Asked Questions: 

To access the new product, you may need to update the ATP Aviation Hub user settings:

1. Go to aviationhub.aero and log into your account

2. Click "Settings" to go to the User Information list

3. Click "View" next to your user name

4. Click "Edit" next to "ATP Aviation Hub Information Services"

5. Assign the HubConnect Mobile Service by selecting the appropriate checkbox

6. Click "Save"

7. Signout and log back into your account

To add documents to your Sync List,* and access them on your iPad:

Is Part 'a" of the AD 80-04-03R2 is applicable on all model of engines with suffix "T"

Frequently Asked Questions: 

80-04-03 R2 Para a says "in accordance with AVCO Lycoming Service Bulletin No. 435 dated March 17, 1979" so I am not sure about SB 435B.  

SB 435 3/17/79 says "MODELS AFFECTED: All O-320-H Series engines with serial numbers up to and including L-6182-76 and reman. engines shipped prior to March 19, 1979" I have read through the SB and nothing is said about a suffix of T in the S/N.


The AD Does refer to the T suffix in para  c3 and the Note following that para about the T having larger lifters but it is not clear how this effects applicability of the AD

CMM out of date

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Thanks for the information. I will look into it. we receive the Beech CMM from Beechcraft and publish their latest version. Beech needs to incorporate any changes to the included publications. Let me confirm we are using the latest version from Beechcraft and let them know if they are sending outdated content.

I will let you know.