What is the best part of your job?

There are many roads that lead us to our current job position. Sometimes it is through well planned and executed goals, sometimes it is by pure chance.

What path did you take that brought you where you are today?

What is the best part of your job?

What are your pet peeves?

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My favorite part about my job would have to be working with great people from the EMS community. I am lucky to be able to work with such professionals. Heck, even our pilots are decent most of the time :)

Being a EMS helicopter base mechanic means I am on call a lot, but when I am not needed at work, I stay home with my family. I feel grateful that I am able to spend as much time at home as I do.

I previously was working overseas in Iraq and Afghanistan, and that has made me appreciate being home.

Plus I love coming to this site and reading what all the smart people have to say! Thanks Bob!

My pet peeves are all the salty mechanics that complain you cannot make any money in this industry and that aviation is dead. Aviation is not dead, it's alive and well.

First and foremost, I would like to thank you Bob for hosting such a dynamic website where AMT's can stay up on current events and read or post blogs.

By design, I changed jobs every two years early in my career simply because I wanted to taste it all. I worked at various operators, repair stations, and even a manufacture just to sample bit of everything on the buffet.

My first job at the manufacturer was working in the destruction laboratory where we took aircraft parts to finite life. Because all of their factory schools were free to employees, I volunteered to work second shift so over the next two and half years I acquired every factory school the manufactures offered. The 16 hours a day was tough; however, when I went back into the industry my salary hit a new plateau.

The great thing I like about this industry is the diversity that is open to each of us. I’ve been to 32 different countries and I have never bought my own ticket. I then dove into the regulations and acquired my Maintenance Designated Airworthiness Representative (DAR), and Designated Mechanic Examiner (DME).

The leverage of personal investment as compared to acquiring your objectives is second to nothing I have ever seen in another industry. You can honestly be anything in this industry that you apply yourself to be. It won’t drop in your lap in most cases, but if an individual makes the investment, the yield is most definitely on the horizon.

Another amazing thing about this industry is the ability to always learn something new. If an individual is intrigued and receptive to learning, the flood gates are wide open. This industry has allowed me to be a lifelong and aggressive student.

It’s been flippen paid hobby for me.

Pet Peeves? Only a couple:

1) the guys that think they know it all, and only because their energy is invested in trying to discredit the next guy in a futile attempt to make themselves appear superior. You know, the “My Winkie is bigger than your Winkie” kind of guys.

2) Maintenance Management personnel that fail to acquire some formal education in the discipline of management. It’s borderline criminal to watch the ignorant attempt to lead. If you have been born and raised on the pig farm, you don’t notice the stench until you move away, and then return home for a Sunday dinner!!!

Thank you John and Buddy for the kind words. I appreciate that ATP funds and allows be the time and resources to manage this site.

Over the past 35 years aviation has been good to me, providing employment, learning and growth opportunities and awesome friendships. This is a industry like no other.

I guess my path was created for me. I was fortunate enough to land a position in quality and it lead to more opportunities and found myself wanting more and more... And now as Chief Inspector for a part 145 repair station. I find that I have acheived the goal I've waited long for.

The best part seems to be in total control of quality. And to see the results of that quality first hand every day. Everyday to strive more and more to achieve the best service possible.

Pet peeves are when people (mechanics) think that "its good enough" there is no such animal. It is either in limits or it is not. Common sense plays part in determining airworthiness, however travelling is the most stressful time for a person, they are searched, interrogated and to get on an airplane that is "good enough" doesn't seem to fit the bill for me. It's taking that stress away from someone who worries, or someone who is taking a flight for the first time, if you eliminate it they seem to enjoy the experience a lot better.