Want to reduce the cost and complexity of an IOSA audit?

If you are flying internationally, I wanted to let you know that ATP now supports IOSA pre-audit capability with our ICAPSM product.  ICAP is a web-based service offering that allows you to quickly ascertain your documentation compliance in preparation for an IOSA audit.   Using ICAP, you can make document compliance a part of your day-to-day business and be well prepared for the bi-annual IOSA audit.  The facility should significantly reduce both the cost and the effort to comply with the audit requirements.  While you will still have to answer to the IOSA Audit Company, you will be prepared and will have ensured document compliance in advance.  You might even negotiate a price-break form the auditor since much of their work will be done.  p>

 ICAP is available on a monthly subscription basis.  ICAP will identify changes in your manuals and any changes in IOSA audit questions so that you can better manage the process.  Best of all, since ICAP is web-based you can have any authorized person work on ensuring document compliance. We can produce a Letter of Compliance to IOSA for your records.

You can start today – we have made the offering competitively priced and we will show you how you can reduce costs in your operations.  Call me to get started.

Bob Trevelyan +415 330 9502 or email at [email protected]

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